We at CHL are constantly striving to produce corporate photography which stands the test of time and stands out from the competition. This means utilising the latest lighting techniques and thinking about colouring and grading - how we treat out images in post production. It means knowing what poses work for you and understanding how to best frame an image to a) best show off the subject and to b) make the image as useful as possible to you. We are experienced enough to capture 'that moment' during the drinks reception - we won't be loud, brash and intrusive and we most definitely won't use on-camera flash to remove all the atmosphere from the image! 

We like to offer something different - we take care, take out time and wait for the right opportunity. We shoot in RAW and we individually review and edit every image we supply to our clients meaning that not only is every photo you receive ready to use but it has our creative stamp on it thanks to our post production. 

Although we are not limited in the corporate photography briefs that we take on, we're often found providing the following photography services in London and abroad:

The Corporate Headshot

The term 'headshots' refers to simplistic portraits, usually in a format that can easily be repeated - making it suitable for capturing a whole team of people or an entire workforce, in the same uniform fashion. We can provide corporate headshot photography in a whole range of styles and can either accommodate specific requests - eg. replicating an existing format - or we can suggest what approach would work best for you. Click here to see the gallery where you will find the various options.

What style?

There is no right or wrong answer to this, often it can depend on the space you have to offer, the message you want to get across (does it fit your brand) or the intended application of the final images. Things to think about are the crop/framing, mood of the image, what background and how it should be lit.

Grey or 'off-white' background: This is a favourite approach of CHL and we often shoot in this landscape format which gives a contemporary feel as well as giving freedom to designers using the image, in terms of how they can crop it to their specification. This format can easily be set up in your office, all we need is a plain white(ish) wall.

White background: Works well in black and white and gives good separating between subject and background. It's a classic look but can sometimes look dated. Best use for white background is if the images are going to be cut out and used within graphic layouts (as below).

corporate portraits in the office

Office/location background: Gives subtle variety between images, slightly less uniform and also a chance to capture the essence of your office environment. 




Candid corporate photography

The natural headshot: Candid, relaxed and a chance to show personality. Some people look great staring straight into the camera, others look best when looking away. We always strive to find the best angle for our subjects.



corporate portrait in natural light

Natural light: Although the majority of our photography is shot using our own lighting, as this helps us retain control and consistency, sometimes natural light is the right way to go. Using a light, airy space in this client's office we were able to produce very natural looking portraits using a very shallow depth of field, which helps throw the background out of focus. 



The Corporate Portrait

For portrait photography we reduce the emphasis on consistency and brand (for uniform replication across a workforce), and increase emphasis upon the subject - shooting in a style which is right for the individual. So booking a portrait session means that we can spend more time in more locations with outfit changes and lighting changes - producing a wider variety of images which we can absolutely tailor to your needs. This option is perfect for annual reports, magazine interviews, website profiles, LinkedIn headshots and any other form of re-branding and marketing.

Click here for the full gallery

Corporate Event Photography

We believe the key to successful corporate event photography, conference photography and awards ceremony photography is for you to book us, meet us, then not realise we were there! One of the biggest compliments our clients give us is 'how did you capture all that, I didn't see you all night!?'. Natural moments are our priority so unobtrusive is in our nature. Whilst we realise there occasionally needs to be the odd posed lineup here and there, we know that the best images come when people don't know they're being photographed. We want to be the creative fly on the wall who tells the honest and informative story of your event. Click here for more.

Corporate Lifestyle and Reportage Photography

Lifestyle photography for the corporate world moves away from headshots and portraits and focusses on the overall brand of your business. All businesses need imagery to communicate more than just their faces to the world - there needs to be a visual story which marries up to the environment and ethos of that workplace. We provide lifestyle and reportage photography for businesses to help enhance their annual reports, online presence (including social media) and their printed collateral. See more of our portfolio here.

Architectural & Interiors Photography

Commissioning professional architectural photography for your building, office or hotel can be crucial in helping potential clients understand your business and see how your brand extends to the aesthetics and the environment you work in. Doing it properly involves some very complex techniques including post production so hiring a professional is a must. Click here to see the gallery.