brand stories / talking heads / event coverage / original concepts

We cannot emphasise enough how important video and online content is to today's market... it's SO important. The advertising world has been onto this for a while and the corporate world needs to keep up. Due to such significant developments in the tech world and social media, the average consumer's attention span is diminishing annually. Stills photography is vital (and still relevant) but nothing draws people in and maintains attention like moving image.

- Have a new financial product you want to tell the world about? Produce some short 30 second clips to tell the world about it.

- Want to announce your new merger? Interview those involved and post it online.

- Need to get a brand message out there that you care about your clients? Find the story and make a film.


Please scroll down to see a sample of our video and moving image portfolio. We can take on everything from a simple headshot interview/talking head in the boardroom, to a full-scale production of a short film - whatever is needed to get your message out there and promote your business in the best way. Get in touch to start a conversation about your project, idea or event and how we can help.

1. A short film for Paradigm Norton as part of an ongoing series called Life Films. The brief is not to talk about financial services at all, but to simply put the focus on the clients and what they can do with their lives when their financial matters are taken care of. 

2. The OpenOcean Summit 2017 - filmed at Tate Modern London - delving into 'delicious' tech with a high-level vip guest list.

3. An example of how we can capture and story-tell your team away day or conference. Including a fancy dress sports day and giving us the excuse to get the drone out is always a bonus, but we are as happy in a conference suite in The City.

4. A film produced for Tideway and ICE based around a drinks reception event in Westminster including interviews with various VIPs.

5. Why not have fun? This is a mock-up of The Apprentice introduction, shot ahead of a company's annual team day to set the theme and mood.